RMS Engineering, since 1996, is present in the main technologies such as aeolian and railway,providing integrated engineering solutions throughout Brazil. Inovation and quality guarantee make RMS Engineering a qualified company to operate in assertive way  in various stages of good engineering, from planning, development and construction to projects execution.

Mission: offer the best engineering practices always searching for sustainable development, respecting the environment, a constant search for balance between sustainability and profitability of the company, the growth and the welfare of its employees and the satisfaction of its customers.

Values: transparency, ethics, commitment, respect for the environment, quality of life and proactivity.

Quality policy: ensuring excellence of business processes and support the works through continuous improvement of our processes, the optimization of resources available and committed and skilled people, generating satisfaction to clients, employees and shareholders.


Since the beginning, RMS's focus is the satisfaction of costumers and the excellence on the quality of the offered services. For this, the company invests on the continuous partnership accomplishing the schedule with punctuality and high standard of technical quality. Each project is gaining more recognition from customers, becoming a reference in the renewable energy segment, consultancy in energy and basic sanitation as well as subway transportation of passengers and cargo, always searching for smart solutions that don't harm the environment.


RMS's Team is formed by professionals with experience in several engineering areas to meet the most diverse segments with efficiency and quality. It offers to the employees a policy of professionals valuation and provides a dynamic, agile and flexible enterprise environment. It stimulates constant evolution and growth through continuous exchange of knowledge and experiences.