Railway Infrastructure and Superstructure

Area of Expertise:

  • Construction, remodeling and metro-railway maintenance.
  • Monitoring and tracking the lifetime of materials used in permanent way.
  • Study on implementation of light rail vehicles (VLT) in metropolitan areas. .
  • Execution of aluminothermic welding.

Some works performed

Ferrovia Norte Sul – FNS

Full length of the court: 2.800m edition

Expansion of Rail Yard Forest in Açailândia (MA), involving all part of infrastructure (grading, drainage, current works of art and slope protection) and the railway superstructure with heavy tamping the track. 22.000m3 includes base in improved soil cement (SMC).


Total rail: 13km.

Construction of Yard Charge via SOUTH in São Luis (MA). Included the entire infrastructure and railway superstructure.

Companhia Ferroviária do Nordeste  (CFN) – Now TLSA

Execution of thirteen (13) railyard, including all part of infrastructure, superstructure and drainage, located in the following counties: Ajugaiaba, Cantanhede, Caxias, Coelho Neto (Cristino Cruz), Itaqui, Perizes, Pirapemas, Timbiras and Timon, in Maranhao ; Juazeirinho, Paraíba; Aracapé, Itapipoca and Sobral, in Ceará.

• Improvement services via the permanent residence of Crateús (EC) of 610-271 km – Linha Tronco Norte Ferroviária (LTNF). Totaling 340 km in trafficked via;

• Replacement of 12 000 sleepers in line with trafficked stretch of 120 km at the residence of Iguatu (CE);

• Implementation of drainage service at the residence of Recife (PE) and João Pessoa (PB) including construction of culverts (BSC, BST, BTT) in several dimensions in the stretch between km 168.875 to km 340.710 to correct several critical points on the railway;

• Recovery of meetings of 134 railway bridges in service stretch between São Luis (MA) and Teresina (PI);

• Replacement of 28,000 crossties at the residence of Teresina (PI) in line with trafficked stretch of 248 km.


Consórcio Queiroz Galvão Camargo Correia (QGCC) –  METROFOR

• Construction of rail deviations in settlement of switches and crossings (AMV’s) to enable the construction of temporary stations;

• Construction of level crossing on CE-020 in Caucaia (CE);;

• Execution of 2.500 aluminothermic welds TR-45 in South Line – Aracapé to Vila das Flores;

• Execution strain relief 13 km metro route to South Line;

• Cleaning of the entire range of field of South line – from João Felipe to Vila das Flores with an approximate area of 400,000 m2; and

• Construction of 18km of subway train via Trem Metropolitano de Fortaleza (Metrofor) dormant concrete bi-block and 5km via cargo facility with 49 switches and crossings (AMV’s).


CBTU – STU – Fortaleza (CE), Natal (RN), Recife (PE) e João Pessoa (PB)

• Recovery of the stretch of rail between the Vila das Flores and Aracapé Station – Companhia Brasileira de Trens UrbanosCTBU), Fortaleza (CE);

• Recovery 8 km stretch of rail with supply and replacement of eight thousand wooden sleepers for Companhia Brasileira de Trens Urbanos – Superintendent of Fortaleza (CE);

• Implementing variant of Rio Maranguapinho with extension of 1.8 km for the Companhia de Trens Urbanos(CTBU / STU), Fortaleza (CE);

• Electrical installations for signs of AMV’s Spring Trunk lines in North and South Trunk of CTBU (CE);

• Remodeling services in permanent way, stretch of 3.1 km in the North Trunk line of CTBU (CE) including supply and installation of wooden sleepers, supply of ballast, leveling, alignment and tamping;

• Preventive and corrective maintenance of electrical installations type of rail cars PIDNER for a period of 18 months for CTBU (CE);

• Refurbishment of 30 km from the rail of the Brazilian Company of Urban Trains – Superintendent of João Pessoa (PB);

• Maintenance of permanent way service for the Brazilian Urban Train Company of Natal (RN) with rail network of 57 km. Are several contracts executed since 2003;

• Maintenance of the drainage system of the permanent way infrastructure Superintendence of Companhia de Trens Urbanos de Recife (PE) / CTBU / STU / REC (Metrorec) for a period of nine months service;

• Recovery service of the permanent way of the Superintendent of CTBU João Pessoa (PB), with a total length of 30 km;

• Construction of railway siding in Jacaré station in the municipality of Cabedelo (PB) encompassing services earthmoving in the section belonging to the Companhia Brasileira de Trens Urbanos (CTBU).



Consulting services for project design and feasibility study for the implementation of light rail in the city of Arapiraca (AL) and Juazeiro (CE).